Ibwe Ekhaya

Domestic renovations

From thatching, solar panel supplies and installation as well as other general structural modifications; Ibwe Ekhaya meets you at your point of need regardless of the distance from the central business locations

We combine the new and the modern style, all this done preserving your essence.

Rural societal development

It is our aim at Ibwe Ekhaya to bring the urban privileges to the rural societies. Lighting and clean easily accessible water are basic human rights that are entitled to everyone. We offer low subsidized pricing for all rural developmental projects

Ibwe Ekaya's aim is to make rural life as comfortable as it can be

Our vision

Underdevelopment of marginalized communities in Zimbabwe has poverty and low standards of living deprive our fellow countrymen the basic necessities of life.
As such, companies like Ibwe Homes have recognized a tremendous opportunity to build Zimbabwe starting from the roots with our rural societal development program.
The Company intends to work with individuals or organizations who aim to tackle this challenge through school and satellite clinic renovations, sustainable green energy and borehole drilling to offer the communities a starting point to self-betterment.
The Company anticipates that with proper partnering the rural societal development program will produce much needed human capital development in these communities.

. Better health facilities! Better schools! Clean water! and Clean energy for all with Ibwe homes